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Spain is a sunny country with a wonderful climate and hospitable people, a huge number of historically attractive places. This country will also appeal to those who prefer a relaxing beach holiday and those who want to extract the maximum of emotions and fun. Spain is famous for its clean and cozy beaches throughout Europe. Tourists can choose a resort to your liking, as in Spain there are pebbly and sandy beaches. The most famous resort areas: Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Balearic and Canary Islands. All these beaches are well developed and adapted for tourist holidays in Spain, many Spanish beaches confirm their cleanliness and safety with a green flag.

The beaches of Spain attract tourists with a special atmosphere that prevails in resort areas day and night. In the evening, you can hear playing the guitar, the flaming sounds of the passion and the sound of castanets. Local bars, clubs, discos work around the clock for tourists. In Spain, as in other Mediterranean countries, there is a special way of life: at night it boils and in the afternoon during a particularly hot period of siesta freezes. Shops do not work, everyone is resting, at this time it is not customary to visit and make phone calls. But you can spend a few hours of daily tranquility in the cozy atmosphere of local restaurants and cafes, tasting delicious local cuisine: paella, jamón, gazpacho soup, and delicious local wines. But most tourists travel to Spain to visit various places of interest. Guides offer various excursion programs: local wine tasting, visits to museums, the home of Salvador Dali, trips to holy places such as the monastery of Montserrat, you can also go to the famous fountain show.

What you need to do in Spain is to visit Madrid. This city with a great history is famous for its beautiful parks, fountains and the royal palace. Art lovers will appreciate the works of famous artists Velázquez, Rembrandt, Titian, visiting the Prado Museum. For lovers of extreme sports a fierce but impressive performance is offered - the famous bullfight. Another beautiful and interesting city for tourists is Barcelona. This city is impressive medieval architecture, the works of world-famous Antonio Gaudi. It is worth visiting a huge aquarium, stroll through the bustling streets and, of course, go shopping. Also in Spain there is a “Disneyland” and an amusement park “Port Aventura”, which will appeal to both children and their parents. Spain is a many-sided country, and everyone will find in it something for themselves and will always take away a piece of this beautiful place in their soul.

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