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Experts say that buyers need to clearly understand how they plan to use this asset. Is it just for the family? Is it an investment property? Should it be rented, but only at certain times of the year?

A beach house can be a good investment property, but only when buyers use a “professional approach”. The idea of ​​having your own holiday home and then renting it out is a bit flawed. In the end, people will want to use it during certain peak periods - school holidays, Easter, Christmas - but the reality is that it coincides with the highest demand. Some buyers fall into the trap, thinking that their personal purchase can be financed by renting the same property to other vacationers. Do not be fooled that this is an excellent investment decision, because it was primarily due to your vacation needs.

So, what questions should be taken into account by serious investors when it comes to buying real estate on the coast?

Can a beach house be a profitable investment?

For those buyers who rent their beach property, the return can be good if it is located near a major city. The greatest demand in the cities are small studios and apartments with 2 bedrooms. Apartments with a large number of bedrooms are easier to rent out by room, and individual villas with a swimming pool are more often in demand in the summer season. There is a huge demand for homes that allow pets. View options for beach houses for rent.

Are there any unplanned expenses?

A short-term rental property will require an agent or property manager to prepare the property for new clients, as well as the costs of cleaning, gardening and laundry. Obviously, when preparing a house, more intensive work is needed to retrofit a house so that it is clean, tidy and ready for the next person for a short-term rental.

Who to rent?

In the case of a long-term lease, you need to pay attention to the existing contract of the potential tenant, the availability of funds in the account and the availability of recommendations from previous landlords. For short-term, especially tourist, a copy of the passport and visa (as proof of legal entry into the country) will do. If you are planning to rent a villa or other expensive real estate, you should also ask for a certificate of employment or an extract from the bank. In general, with the right approach, when renting a property you can earn good money and declare 5 percent a year (of the market price of housing).

In general, buying a home in Spain is a profitable investment, since almost all real estate gives up very well during the season, and in low season you can simply enjoy life and rest in this warm and hospitable country!

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