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Spain is one of the best countries for pensioners. This is stated in the latest study of the prestigious American magazine International Living, which quotes this country for its beaches, quiet lifestyle and low cost of living. The rating claim that the couple can live comfortably in any small Spanish city for about 1,200 euros. They also claim that you can rent a two-room apartment for less than 400 euros. Consider the cost of living in Spain and in which cities it is best for pensioners to live.

How much does it cost to live in Spain?

Where pensioners live in Spain is one of the most frequent questions. The average pension for retirees in Spain is 1,300 euros per month, which in many cities may be enough for life, and in others - not so much. And this is not the same thing as living in Spain in a city like Madrid, which lives in Murcia. Vitoria and San Sebastian are the most expensive cities. Barcelona and Madrid will rank third and fourth respectively. At the end of the queue are cities like Albacete, Salamanca or Badajoz, the cheapest. The price of houses has a good reason for these price points. In Barcelona, ​​when buying a property, the price per square meter is set at 3,316 euros. He is followed by San Sebastian and Madrid, prices are slightly lower, but similar.
If you are going to retire, you may be interested to know the rental price by city. Again, Barcelona is the most expensive for renting a house (15 euros per m2), followed by Madrid and San Sebastian (12 euros per m2). Basque Country, Catalonia and Madrid would thus be regions where renting or buying a home would be more expensive. On the contrary, Galicia (about 4 euros per m2) or Extremadura (also 4 euros per m2) will be the cheapest to rent a house.
Electricity, water and gas bills are another of the projected costs that need to be fixed, and also varies by province. For example, a simple loaf of bread can cost 1.20 euros in Palma de Mallorca or Pamplona, ​​while in Albacete it costs only 0.40 euros. The shopping basket in Spain is 5,000 euros per year, and in cities such as Bilbao or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it exceeds 6,000 euros. On the contrary, the cheapest basket is in Murcia, with 4,520 euros per year, Jaen or Cordoba. It is estimated that living in Spain costs an average of 800 euros per month. Of course, we must take into account that cities such as Barcelona, ​​San Sebastian, Madrid or Palma de Mallorca are 14-30% more expensive than the average in Spain. On the other hand, living in Caceres, Lugo, Jaen or Castellón de la Plana is cheaper than the national average.

The best cities to live in Spain

According to a survey conducted several years ago for retirees, the best places to live in retired Spain are Malaga, Alicante, Valencia or Salamanca. Not surprisingly, Malaga, for example, is one of the preferred, since the Costa del Sol is considered a paradise for retirees, thanks to its Mediterranean climate and the spread of so-called resorts for the elderly, where they can enjoy all kinds of amenities and activities.
Valencia and Alicante also offer a quiet pace of life and a mild and stable temperature most of the year. In addition, a rich kitchen is an interesting plus. On the other hand, Salamanca, although there are quite cold winters and hot summers, is a convenient and cheap city for retirees.
If you like small cities and hinterland, for example, Ciudad Real, Avila or Cáceres can be a pleasant option. According to a recent study by Nuroa, these are cities where people live best.

In conclusion

As you can see in this post from Credy, the data give the reason to certain topics such as that living in the north of Spain is more expensive than living in the south, and that small cities are cheaper than larger cities. size. In any case, retirement in Spain for foreigners continues to be a reality. Just look at areas such as the Costa del Sol, the Valencian Community or the Balearic Islands to check it out. Foreign pensioners are attracted to the climate, quality of life and gastronomy, among other aspects, to fix their residence in these parts of the country.
If you keep asking yourself where to live retired in Spain, it is best to think about what essential requirements your future city should have. Would you like to live near the sea? Do you prefer a quiet and small place to a big city? The most important thing for you is that the cost of living is affordable? When you answer these questions, you will be closer to knowing which is the ideal city to spend your retirement.

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