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You can post real estate sales and rent ads. Also, if you are registered as an expert, you can post ads about your services on the real estate market.

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A consultant in is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular knowledge or area of expertise related to real estate services, whether maintenance, management, tips on purchase-sale and rental, publication, legislation, administration, design, reforms, cleaning, mortgage, finance, notary, nagociación, translation into foreign languages or other. Consultants registered in are here to advise on specialized professional issues with the possibility of providing their payment services within their activity and are responsible for their activities. For example a notary consultant, with his level of specialization in the aspects related to the process of signing of sale operation. The consultants  general recommendations and answers to questions can be found on the information page. is a real estate portal marketplace kind where owners of real estates in Spain as individuals, professionals, companies with exclusive sales rights and banks can publish ads for sale, rental and services related to real estate market so that other users can search and find ads with real estates for purchase and rental or ads with services to directly hire real estate professionals for other operations such as management of purchase-sale and rental, cleaning, transport, renovation, construction and other services.