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At the moment, the world of the smart home is largely determined by the smart speakers, home hubs, thermostats and home appliances, but the houses of the future should hit us.

Nigel Dalton, the main inventor of REA Group, believes that pet monitoring systems, wireless and fully integrated homes are among the features that will become commonplace in the smart home of the future.

“Smart home technology also makes a lot of sense for older people and people with disabilities, such as vision problems, because all they need is to talk to their devices,” says Nigel.

However, being transferred to the future, it becomes clear that we are in the technological boom of a smart home.

Here we look at seven things that you can see in the smart homes of tomorrow.

1. Pet Monitoring Systems

Those who have furry friends, can be sure that in the future it will be easier to monitor pets.

“Now there’s no need to lose touch with your dog while you’re at work,” says Nigel. “Just open your mobile app, check them out, chat with them, and maybe even drop them a treat.”

2. Fully wireless homes

In the future, there will be a full integration of technology, tools, monitoring systems and instruments will become noticeable. So will be a completely wireless home. Whether it's security systems, music, television, lighting, or pet monitoring, when you connect to the cloud, the wires will simply not be needed.

3. Energy saving solutions

We are already seeing the emergence of smart home technologies in the world of energy monitoring. Take “AGL Skill”, which with the help of Alexa allows you to check your balance, track usage and stay up to date with your electricity bills - just ask your question on the Amazon Echo device.

The future will also be one step higher. For example, just as our cars tell us when we need to refuel with gas or the engine needs some attention, in the following years our houses will surely tell us which appliances use energy unnecessarily.

4. Cinematic Security Systems

As we move to fully wireless and fully integrated homes, some additional Mission: Impossible security features will inevitably appear.

Think face recognition software that allows you to enter a home without a key, applications that allow you to log in and monitor the security of your home from anywhere in the world, as well as simply connecting to your home's network.

5. Electrical outlets of the new century

Do not forget to just check that in every room of the house there is a socket in a convenient place.

When buying a home in the future, you should check for smart power cards that can detect when something is not in use and turn off the power.

According to AGL, studies indicate that up to 10% of the energy used in an average European home is wasted on devices left in standby mode and not actively used, so smart power boards will be a welcome addition.

6. Toilet of the future

Surprisingly, it seems that the toilets are also amazingly futuristic!

There are already options from Japan that take a urine test and can tell people about certain health problems.

Other features will include automatic deodorization, heaters and washes - and more.

7. Wardrobes of our dreams

We can expect that the wardrobes will put an end to all modern guardrops . With a growing trend towards connected and integrated homes, thermostats that will be connected to guardrops . They will work by reporting the weather to their closets and then offering suitable outfits for your day. They may also connect to your calendar and suggest combinations matching your schedule.

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