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More than a quarter of residential property buyers in Spain prefer resale housing. The secondary housing, as the Spaniards themselves believe, has many advantages.

There are certain advantages and risks that should be considered when purchasing both secondary and new property. Check out the pros and cons.

Selection of secondary property

The main advantage is that the apartment can be used immediately. Your house is ready and there are no risks that the construction will take more years. After making a deal, you can move into your home and enjoy life in Spain in an already finished apartment or rent it. Resale is very easy to find on the first line from the beach.

Many agents say that the best results were obtained from investments in well-established properties. Preference is established more, because the buyer can compare and physically inspect the property not only in terms of appliances and amenities, but also with other similar properties comparable in the market. Other similar house sold, can usually give you an estimate of the value of the purchased properties. Many established homes have stood the test of time structurally and aesthetically so builders and developers can try to maximize the value of land and homes. Investors can breathe new life into real estate through repairs, potentially increasing profitability.

Choosing a new property

By purchasing primary housing in Spain, you will be sure that you are the first and only owner of the apartment. And no past owners and their relatives will be able to claim your accommodation. The quality of new housing is usually higher. Modern construction technologies and the quality of finishing materials are constantly improving. In addition, do not need to do repairs.

Also, it is obvious that new housing is created for more modern life. The new structure is usually of lower content. Low energy performance makes them cheaper to operate, thereby reducing costs. While larger estates and high-rise buildings may pay off longer, but small divided areas in the suburbs may have good potential for immediate capital gains.

Pros y cons of secondary and new property in Spain

Older properties may have structural problems. Despite the fact that many old houses were built "for centuries", it happens that the state of such housing is worn out. It is necessary to treat with caution regarding the right of property as heirs may suddenly arise, and then your transaction will not take place. Therefore, such a purchase must be very carefully checked. It is advisable to involve a lawyer or professionals who specialize in real estate in order to provide you with an independent review of the contract before you buy a property.

When buying a new property in Spain, consult with building inspectors to make sure that your plans for future construction are correct. Terms can be shifted each time, so you should be very careful when choosing a bona fide developer. Nevertheless, you can’t completely remove the risk, because you can only check the past of the developer, but not the future.

However, whatever you dreamed of, when choosing an apartment, you need to weigh the pros and cons of both options, because each of them has its unique advantages and annoying minuses. Choose the main criteria by which you will be guided when buying your home, which will allow you to choose the best option that completely suits you and your budget.

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