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What is an NIE (NIE) number?

An Alien Identification Number (NIE) is a personal and exclusive number that is used for identification purposes in certain procedures of state activity. The NIE consists of an initial letter, seven numbers and an alphabetic check character. Requesting a NIE is related to the demand for legal residence and the legality of all upcoming procedures. Also, its term is 3 months, but the number itself is assigned one-time and remains for you for a lifetime.

What is NIE in Spain for?

Obtaining a NIE in Spain is necessary for foreigners (non-residents) who, by professional, economic or social interests, have relations with Spain, to perform the following actions:

  • buying/saling a real estate or any other large type of transaction;
  • opening a bank account in Spain;
  • obtaining a residence permit or student visa;
  • opening your business, company in Spain or for employment;
  • obtaining a driver's license;
  • tax payment in Spain;
  • the conclusion of contracts, including electricity and water supply;

How to get NIE in Spain?

Required documents for applying for NIE in Spain for non-residents:

  • completed questionnaire EX15 (solicitud de NIE)
  • original and copies of all pages of passport (with a stamp of the visa)
  • Modelo 790 paid fee
  • color photo 3x4
  • power of attorney, in case documents are submitted by an attorney. The power of attorney must be apostilled and translated by a sworn translator in Spain, or issued by a notary in Spain.

Date of issue

The deadline for issuing a maximum of 5 days, which begin to count from the moment of receipt of the specified request in the body responsible for its processing. If you need this document at the stage of buying property in Spain, then it should already be in your hands at the time of signing the purchase agreement with a notary (escritura).

Where to get NIE in Spain?

  • In the migration service (Oficina de extranjeros)
  • In the consulate of Spain which is located in the country of residence of a foreign citizen.

How to get NIE yourself?

If you are in Spain you need to make an appointment via the Internet on this site, specify the province and the Expedicion de tarjetas section. Then you will enter all your passport data and select a convenient time and day for the meeting. If you are in your own country, this can be done through an embassy or consulate. There you will not be given forms, so you need to prepare them in advance EX15 (solicitud de NIE) you can download it here. For any other questions you are interested in, you can contact professionals at 636 12 60 12 or on the website of the immigration service.

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