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Apartment (apartamento, piso)
Apartments are the most popular type of property among foreign buyers looking for in Spain. In cities and towns along the coast, as well as in golf clubs, Spain has a wide selection of apartments. These apartments have always been the basis of the Spanish property market and the only place where you will not find apartments is located deep in the countryside.

Apartments are not ideal basic homes for families with children and pets. However, apartments are really ideal for holidays, as they are easier and cheaper to manage. They are also suitable for older people who are looking for a comfortable and safe home in a pleasant part of the world. Some apartments have access to communal gardens and swimming pools, providing access to open spaces that are ideal for enjoying the Spanish climate. Being close to other owners also increases safety, but on the other hand, noise can be a problem, as many apartments in Spain have thin partitions.

Mansion (casa adosada)
In the past, mansions in Spain were mainly found in cities and villages. Recently, however, the demand among both Spaniards and foreigners for modern detached houses in new facilities has grown, and this trend will continue when people find that they have many of the advantages of villas, but with more reasonable total costs (both for buying and for and service).

Modern property in Spain is often built with its own garden and, possibly, a place for a small private pool. They offer more diverse accommodations than apartments, but more manageable than villas. They can offer a good combination of space, privacy, external areas and utilities, while they are easier and cheaper to administer than larger individual properties. Given the communal aspect of semi-detached houses, they also provide greater security and facilitate access to the residential community.

Village house (casa de pueblo)
It is likely that such houses were built in a bygone era, and in many cases substantial reforms will be required to bring them into line with modern standards. Kitchens and bathrooms almost always need to be renovated, and often reveal a strange interior layout, small dark rooms and small windows. Modern facilities such as central heating or air conditioning are rarely present, and parking is also often a problem. Almost always there is a solution to these problems, but the more a solution is required, the higher the cost. The attraction of these properties is that they are often found in a pleasant environment, within walking distance of many of the places you need, and are part of the Spanish community, and not the expatriates. However, keep in mind that, as is the case with rural real estate, it may be more difficult to find management companies in inland villages that help you keep track of your property.

Country house (cortijo / casa rural / finca)
Many people dream of a Spanish countryside property surrounded by citrus trees, olive trees, almond flowers and rural tranquility. And lately, more and more people seem to be giving up the rush and high prices on the coast and are buying country houses.

Over the past 50 years, rural real estate has become popular. Changes in Spanish society meant that young and capable children left for the cities, while the country had fewer and fewer rural and former workers. Times change, and now wealthy Spaniards returning from cities and foreign buyers from all over Europe are looking for property in Spanish countries. As expected, prices have risen as a result. For example, in Extremadura, suburban properties are cheap by standards.

Rural property in Spain may be ideal for you, but it largely depends on the life you hope to lead, the social life you need and your character. There are many types of suburban properties to choose from, and the choice varies greatly from one region to another. For example, there are large country houses in Catalonia, beautiful country houses in the Balearic Islands, picturesque country houses and the end of dusty paths in Andalusia.

Villa (chalet / villa)
The villas are modern detached houses with a garden and swimming pool, for many foreign buyers are classic Spanish real estate and a dream house. They are an insurmountable blend of comfort, privacy and space, creating the conditions for a good life. Therefore, the villas are the most popular type of Spanish property among foreign buyers.
Though villas are good homes, especially for families with children and pets, they may not be suitable for everyone in terms of practicality. These are relatively large facilities with gardens and a private pool, which means constant maintenance and cleaning with associated costs. Being large and relatively expensive real estate objects, they will also attract higher municipal and state taxes than smaller objects, which increases overhead costs. Buying a villa also increases the likelihood that you will have to get in the car to go anywhere, since most of the villas are located in residential complexes, away from urban centers.

Studios (estudio) - the most cheapest type of apartments in Spain. The studio is like a one-room apartment in which the hall and kitchen are combined or separated by a bar counter. Such a "budget" format of housing is suitable for daily rentals or for one person only.

Penthouse (atico) - apartments located on the top floor. These apartments are the most expensive, since the last floor allows you to have a rooftop pool and a spacious observation deck. As a rule, Spanish penthouses are located in places with a wonderful view of the sea or elite urban areas.

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